What Is The NBN 1000 Broadband Network?


What is NBN 1000?call FTG today, NBN 1000 is basically the fastest broadband Internet connection available for residential addresses across Australia, but it is only available from very few select suppliers over very limited bandwidth types. When you move house or start a business within the metropolitan area of metropolitan Australia you will need to have access to this high speed internet service. Currently, all of the major ISPs in Australia – Telstra, Optus, Myirt, iiNet and Vodafone – have signed up to deliver this service in Australia. They are all competing against each other to have an edge over their competitors, as well as to provide the best value for money to customers.

Why You Should Consider The Newest Fibre Optic Network

The name ‘FTTN’ stands for ‘FTTHN: Fiber To The House’ and refers to a new broadband technology offering great fast speeds and broadband quality for residential customers in Australia. Currently, the only major broadband providers offering this service in Australia include iiNet, Digicom, Internacional and TeleFlip. All of these providers offer similar services with similar plans, and similar levels of DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) speeds, so what is the difference and why should I choose one provider over another? In most cases the difference in speed between different ISPs can be less than 100 kilobits per second. This is quite slow when you compare it with the likes of satellite TV, cable TV, dial-up and mobile phone services, which typically offer download speeds of a couple of megabits per second.

If you need the lowest possible download and upload speeds, then the most obvious choice would be to go with one of the aforementioned providers. However, if you want the fastest speed possible for your Broadband Internet connection types, then you will need to consider an alternative service called FTTN (Fibre To The House). This technology offers the same speeds of broadband as ADSL, cable TV and satellite TV, but can be used with existing phones. Simply put, the technology enables existing telephones to be used to make broadband connections! With this type of modem, the best that can currently be done is to download at a rate of six megabits per second, which is about half the speed of standard dial-up connections.

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