What Are Financial Planners?


What Are Financial Planners?

Financial planners

A financial planner or financial consultant is a professionally qualified financial adviser. Practicing as a full service financial consultant, they assist clients on investment, insurance, pension, taxes, estate and so on. They are usually registered brokers of financial institutions. This profession requires them to have at least a bachelor’s degree with excellent grades. This link


These advisors help people create an action plan for attaining long-term financial goals. They help their customers to set realistic and achievable financial goals, help them develop and implement a game plan, and assist them in achieving those goals. The primary responsibility of a financial planner is to devise financial strategies for individuals and families. Other responsibilities may include providing client families information on how to achieve financial security and long term financial goals, and assisting them in the preparation of a comprehensive family financial plan. Most financial planners work independently, while some work in firms that offer a variety of financial advisory services.


Professional financial planners are also involved in other fields as well such as healthcare, insurance and retirement. Some also serve as consultants and teach seminars on how to improve management of money and tackle life’s challenges. However, most of them work exclusively as financial planners. While the primary job of a financial planner is to help their clients achieve long-term goals, they are not allowed to touch the finances of their clients’ employers.

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