Using a Proxy Detection Database


Using a Proxy Detection Database

A proxy detection database can be useful in determining if an IP address is a proxy or not. Some databases will list IP addresses based on their country, region or city, ISP, and domain. Some databases will also include information like the last time a proxy was seen, IP type, and timezone. By checking these fields, a merchant can filter out bad proxies.

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A proxy detection database can identify whether an IP address is a residential, open, or web proxy. It will also identify if a connection is a VPN or Tor exit. It can identify if the IP address is a residential proxy or if it is part of a high-risk group of users. This type of data is crucial to the successful detection of proxy usage and helps to minimize fraud.

In addition to IP Address Data, IP2Proxy provides global proxy detection databases for a fee. IP2Proxy’s database offers a variety of pricing models and offers the ability to customize pricing based on your needs. Users can receive their reports via email or in a.csv file. Data can also be analyzed through the Datarade marketplace.

A proxy detection database can identify compromised devices and high-risk activity. These services are useful for content providers and for securing online privacy. It can even identify residential proxies and private VPN servers.

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