Twisted Automotive Builds a Vintage Land Rover Defender


Twisted Automotive Builds a Vintage Land Rover Defender

vintage land rover defender

The vintage land rover defender is one of the world’s most iconic cars. It evokes images of adventure and dependability. But it’s also a vehicle that hasn’t been the same since it was introduced.

In the early 1980s, Land Rover began producing a new range of vehicles with different chassis lengths that would later become known as the 90 and 110. The third generation, launching in 1983, introduced the Defender name and updated powertrains.

But these changes came at a cost: the original Defenders were not as refined or as powerful as other off-roaders on sale in their day.

That’s why businesses like Twisted Automotive are out to prove that an original Defender can be just as luxurious and opulent as the modern Range Rover, while still offering a big V8 under the hood.

Vintage Land Rover Defender: A Closer Look at the Iconic Off-Roader

Twisted doesn’t actually restore old Defenders — the company builds them using body panels and chassis that are built to the original 1990s Defender spec, then pops in a General Motors V8.

They also offer a white-glove service, which means they’ll walk you through the process of building your dream Defender and answer any questions you have along the way.

The company charges around $250,000 to build a custom Defender. That’s far more than you can find a used one for, but it’s well worth the investment. Plus, they have white-glove service and use all-new parts to keep your car in tip-top shape.

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