Track Resurfacing Near Me


Track Resurfacing Near Me

running track resurfacing near me

A Running Track Resurfacing is a quintessential outdoor sports surface that offers athletes a chance to test their athletic abilities in an environment free from environmental factors that can degrade traditional surfaces. These factors can include dirt, rocks, sand, and crushed cinders which can cause rutting, cracking, or buckling of the track surface. Oftentimes, these problems can be addressed through a track resurfacing near me or a more extensive rebuild of the entire track.

Resurfacing a running track involves removing the rubber track layer and then applying a new rubber or polyurethane surface. It can also involve repairing areas of the asphalt base as well, which is usually necessary when issues have reached the bottom of the structure. If your asphalt and drainage systems are still intact then a simple resurfacing should suffice, but if the problem has gone deeper it may be time for an entirely new track construction.

Maintaining Safety Standards in Running Track Resurfacing Near Me

Keeping a track in top condition is important for athlete safety and performance. One of the biggest challenges is ensuring the drainage system remains functional, which can be difficult when organic debris builds up in the drains. Our maintenance crews can perform a thorough cleaning service for your track drains to ensure water flows freely and away from the surface.

We are experienced in every facet of running track construction, repair, resurfacing and striping. With 43 years of experience in high school and college running track construction and a Certified Track Builder on staff we are able to provide a turnkey solution that meets your budget, vision, and performance requirements.

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