Tips For Organizing Your Yarn Stash


Tips For Organizing Your Yarn Stash

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As an enthusiastic knitter or crochet enthusiast, you might be inundated with a lot of yarn. It’s easy for your stash to become a tangled mess, especially when it’s not properly stored. But fear not, here are some fantastic yarn storage ideas to help you keep your yarn organized.

One of the easiest ways to store yarn is in yarn storage totes that you can get from any discount department store. These are ideal for keeping your yarns safe and ventilated. Another good option for yarn storage is an old dresser or other piece of furniture that has the drawer holes in place. This is an excellent idea for storing your yarns and other accessories like needles, hooks, etc.

You can also repurpose wooden fruit crates to create stylish yarn storage for your home. The slats make it easy to see what you have and they’re great for organizing your yarns by color or type. You can find these at flea markets, garage sales and even in some craft stores. Another alternative is to use a barrister cabinet, which will look gorgeous in your craft room and also keep your yarn protected from dust and pests.

Tidy and Organized: Creative Solutions for Yarn Storage

A few other ideas for yarn storage include using stacking pull-out drawers in a closet or along a wall, or a Murphy-style crafting desk to keep your supplies out and handy. Another option is to organize your yarns by weight so that you can easily track how much yardage you have of each fiber. This will prevent you from overbuying or running out of something halfway through a project!

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