The Gary Payton Strain


The Gary Payton Strain

The gary payton strain is a popular cannabis variety that is known for its balanced effects and range of flavor profiles. This sativa/indica hybrid is a collab between Cookies and Kenny Dumetz of Powerzzzup Genetics, and it is named after the NBA Hall of Famer. This cultivar has won many awards, including first place in the 2022 Errl Cup for Arizona in hash form and second place at the Emerald Cup for Oregon. Its high THC concentration and almost no CBD makes this strain a potent yet balanced experience for consumers.

This is a great strain for uplifting the mood and providing a sense of well-being to those who consume it. Its euphoric effects come on quickly and are accompanied by feelings of happiness, giggles, and socialization. The onset of these feelings can also stimulate the appetite of medical marijuana patients who have lost their desire to eat. This strain is also known to boost creativity and divergent thinking in its users, making it perfect for anyone who wants to get their creative juices flowing before starting a task or meeting.

Scoring Big with Gary Payton: Exploring the High-Flying Effects and Genetics of this Legendary Strain

Cultivators have found that this strain is easy to grow and demonstrates resilience in various environments. It thrives in indoor cultivation, and it can also be grown outdoors in areas that enjoy warm weather throughout the year. During the growing process, it is best to keep the environment consistent in terms of temperature and humidity levels to help prevent fungus or mold growth. Once the flowers are ready, they should be dried and properly cured to maximize flavor profiles and medicinal benefits.

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