The Blue Grip and Butter Grip


The Blue Grip and Butter Grip

blue grip

A blue grip is a fancy-pants name for something that’s actually blue, if that’s possible. The colour evokes an image of a smooth and shiny surface, which is exactly what you want for bonding concrete, plaster or tiles to the wall. Unlike some other materials, it dries almost instantly so it is the ideal solution for a busy plasterer who wants to get on with the job in hand.

The Tour de France blue grip | GAIN THE EDGE may have been at the forefront of the blue grip movement but it has become a household name in the world of DIY and home improvement. It is a high performance bonding agent for smooth surfaces which improves the odds of your next lick of paint or tiling sticking, and makes the process a little easier on the eye.

The Science of Grip: Understanding the Importance of Traction in Athletic Performance

It’s also good for a variety of other purposes including identifying drilled holes, marking up surfaces and ensuring that you don’t accidentally use the wrong hammer for the task at hand. The 5 litre tubs come with a reusable plastic spout that makes clean up a breeze.

The Butter Grip – it’s not just a gimmick

This is the product that has been around the block and is probably the only item on this list that is still in business. It’s an innovative, non-toxic, and safe material that combines the best features of pencils and pens to provide an easy-to-use tool that helps children to develop fine motor skills, finger positioning, handwriting legibility and tactile awareness all in one go. The clever coiled grip opens up the web space of your pencil, and the curved tip provides a secure grip that is perfect for left or right-handed children.

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