South Carolina Private Investigator License Requirements


South Carolina Private Investigator License Requirements

If you want to start a private investigation business in South Carolina, you need to get a license. This is required by law. There are specific requirements and experience requirements. In addition, you will need to attend continuing education to renew your license.

Is a PI a cop?

To apply for a South Carolina Private investigator license, you must complete an application form. The application must be notarized and include proof of work experience. It must also include two fingerprint cards and a color photograph.

You will also need to submit a $10,000 surety bond. Only certain pending criminal charges can prevent you from holding a private investigation license.

In order to become licensed, you will need to demonstrate that you have at least three years of experience working for a licensed investigation company. SLED will review your experiences and decide whether or not you meet the requirements.

Licensed private investigators are also required to provide written reports to their clients. These reports must be provided within a reasonable amount of time. However, you may waive the requirement if you receive a signed contract from your client.

Continuing education is required each year to keep your private investigation license. You must take at least 12 hours of educational credits during the current licensing period. PI Education is a provider of continuing education courses that satisfy the South Carolina private investigator license renewal requirements.

South Carolina is a good state for a career as a private investigator because of the high demand for the service. In addition, the work is often rewarding.

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