Signs That It’s Time For Email List Cleanup


Signs That It’s Time For Email List Cleanup

Email list cleanup (also known as scrubbing) is the process of removing inactive subscribers from your marketing database. This includes subscribers who no longer open or click on your emails, have marked you as spam, or have otherwise disengaged with your brand. Regularly cleaning your email list ensures that you’re only communicating with engaged subscribers who are interested in receiving the content and promotions that you offer. It also helps keep your email deliverability and engagement rates high.

There are many different signs that it’s time to clean your email list, but one of the most common is a decline in your subscriber engagement rates. If you notice a drop in your open and click through rates, or if you’re seeing more unsubscribes or spam complaints than usual, it’s likely that you have a problem with your list.

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It’s also important to clean out your email list if you notice an increase in bounces. Email bounces are when an email cannot be delivered to the intended recipient due to invalid or non-existent addresses, as well as a variety of other issues. Removing bounces and other invalid addresses from your list will help reduce your email marketing costs and safeguard your sender reputation with ESPs. You can ask subscribers to add you to their contacts before deleting them as subscribers, or you could try sending them a re-engagement campaign with personalized recommendations. If all else fails, you can remove them permanently to avoid hurting your data reports and conversion rates.

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