Rock Retaining Wall


Rock Retaining Wall

Rock retaining walls are an ideal option for concrete or wood retaining walls required for any type of building. They provide both the strength and aesthetic beauty of wood or stone, as well as the durability of concrete. The design options available with these walls include traditional or modern; you can also choose to have a custom-designed rock retaining wall built to your specific needs and specifications. Whether you require retaining walls for a family home or commercial building, these custom-designed retaining walls are ideal. There is a great choice of designs available to suit most building styles and budgets. Useful website

Cairn Rebounders – A Practical Solution For Retaining Walls

Rock retaining walls are constructed from a wide range of materials including concrete and stone. There are cairn style options that include domes, profile retaining walls, slabs and panels and boulders that are used in constructing the stone retaining walls. These walls are available in precast form, ready to assemble (RTA) or built on site. Precast form provides a large savings in time and material costs over the construction of the standard one-man build of the rock retaining walls.

The precast form of retaining walls is a cost effective solution that allows for the installation of these structures on-site. There is no need for a crane to access the structure, no need for a truck to haul the material and no need for workers to be trained to install the structure. Cairns modular buildings allow for the easy transport of the selected Rock Retaining Wall material as it can be delivered to the site with the necessary equipment. If the selected retaining wall material cannot be transported to the site, some of these Cairns Cement Walls can also be erected on the site.

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