Piling Equipment


Piling Equipment

Piling equipment is a mechanical device used in driving piles into the ground to support construction. This foundational method is often preferred when the load-bearing capacity of soil is insufficient and other methods of constructing a structure would risk compromising the structural integrity of the building. Pile-driving machines are designed to work quickly and efficiently, allowing construction timelines to be met and reducing the overall cost of a project. Read more :minipilingrighire.uk

Pile driving rigs can be equipped with a variety of kits that can accommodate different foundation designs and types of piles. For instance, they can be fitted with a vibratory or hydraulic driver, depending on the application. Vibratory pile drivers use fast-rotating cams to apply vertical vibration that liquefies the granular soil, making pile installation speedy and easy. They also produce less noise and vibration than traditional impact piling equipment, allowing them to be used in sensitive locations such as near residential areas without causing noise complaints.

Maximizing Efficiency: Tips for Using Piling Equipment Safely

Besides being used for pile installation, these machines are also ideal for drilling and excavation applications. Unlike conventional piling equipment that can be attached to a loader or excavator, these rigs are self-contained units suspended from a crane or slide-in leaders rested on the pile head. They include a Kelly bar, which slides vertically and holds a short length of auger or digging bucket on the end. When the rig is activated, the Kelly bar is rotated to dig a pile hole in a few seconds.

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