LLQP Courses


LLQP Courses

A PNC Learning LLQP is an insurance licensing prerequisite for life and accident and sickness insurance agents, as well as for those who wish to offer advice on related investment products such as segregated funds and annuities. Completion of the LLQP course, followed by writing and passing your provincial insurance exam, is required in order to become a licensed insurance agent or advisor in Canada.

The LLQP course is administered by approved course providers, and consists of four courses: Life Insurance Agents (LLQP), Accident and Sickness Insurance Agents (A&S), Life Insurance Advisors, and Segregated Funds and Annuities. The LLQP course is designed using a learning model that emphasizes two main educational objectives: knowledge and comprehension. It is based on Bloom’s Taxonomy of Educational Objectives and was developed by the CCIR and CISRO, with input from industry and education professionals.

LLQP Decoded: Navigating the Path to a Successful Insurance Career

LLQP courses are offered by a wide range of educational providers, including universities, colleges, career centres and independent schools. The courses are delivered in a variety of formats, from traditional classroom to fully online courses. In addition to the LLQP curriculum, some courses include additional study materials such as digital textbooks, audiobooks, videos and condensed study notes.

Once successfully completed, a Notice of Course Completion will be available to download through your student profile. It will remain on your profile as a formal indication of the completion of your course.

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