Ladies Gym Clothes For a Stylish Workout


Ladies Gym Clothes For a Stylish Workout

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Whether you’re a seasoned gym rat or just starting your ladies gym clothes journey, the best ladies gym clothes can help you hit your workout goals. Rather than sticking to your old cotton tees that absorb every bit of sweat, look for the latest high-performance moisture-wicking synthetic or blended fabrics that keep you dry and comfortable through a tough workout.

The leggings you pick out also make a difference. You want a pair that’s high-waisted to accentuate the muscles of your legs, but not too tight so you can still move comfortably. One brand recommended by several experts is Alo Yoga. Its super-soft, stretchy activewear feels like your favorite PJs but has the added benefit of boosting your confidence during the workout.

Empower Your Workout: Stylish and Functional Ladies Gym Clothes for Maximum Performance

You’ll need the right shoes, too. For studio classes, trainers that support side-to-side strides and sudden push offs are essential for maximizing your performance. And don’t forget to stock up on sweat-friendly socks, headbands, gloves and a water bottle.

If you need ladies gym clothes with a more fashion-forward aesthetic, look to female-founded activewear brand FP Movement. With citrus-inspired pops of color and cheeky cutouts, the pieces are designed to turn heads at barre class or a spin session. Also, don’t miss the $30 Happiness Runs crop tank with a glossy liquid-like finish that’s our go-to bralette.

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