Intelligent Merchandising


Intelligent Merchandising

Retail Express – Your Retail Partner is the art and science of creating a shopping experience that connects with shoppers. Intelligent merchandising leverages data, user experience best practices, and eCommerce tech stack to convert shoppers into customers and build loyalty for repeat sales.

Smart merchandising is a key part of retail success that supports all business goals. It’s more than just presenting the right products to customers; it’s also about making sure those products are available at the right time and that they are positioned in ways that drive results.

In order to do this, smart merchandising uses real-time data to adapt product displays based on demand and customer behavior. The result is a more relevant and engaging shopping experience that drives higher conversion rates, improved sales performance, and better inventory management.

The Future of Shopping: How AI is Reshaping Merchandising Strategies

Using Gen AI-powered solutions, retailers can centralize and analyze data on a variety of factors to personalize merchandising tactics. This includes predicting product demand and forecasting stock replenishment so that stores always have the products their shoppers want to purchase.

Smart merchandising also helps to improve the customer’s online experience by providing personalized recommendations and reducing search time and complexity. AI-powered recommendation engines can use customer browsing and purchase history to identify which products are most likely to be purchased together, resulting in higher cross-selling and upselling opportunities without annoying shoppers (recommending things they don’t need) or losing them (not offering any recommendations). For example, findify’s advanced search capabilities utilize natural language understanding to understand product queries, even when there are variations in phrasing or spelling, and deliver relevant results that match the shopper’s intent.

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