How Do Air Scrubbers Work?


How Do Air Scrubbers Work?

How do air scrubbers work  pathogens like mold and bacteria from the air in your home or workplace. These machines use HEPA filters, UV and Ozone technology to transform and recondition your indoor environment by removing harmful substances from the air. This type of sanitization helps reduce the number of germs and viruses in your home, which could alleviate the symptoms of allergies, asthma or other respiratory conditions.

The first thing an air scrubber does is remove dust, pollen and other microscopic pollutants from your home’s indoor air. These systems can also help sanitize surfaces in your house. They can even remove odors and chemicals from the air in your home, making it healthier to live in.

Behind the Scenes: How Do Air Scrubbers Work to Improve Air Quality

Another way these devices work is by releasing ions into the home’s indoor air. These ions have a negative charge and attract positive ions in the air, such as those created by smoke or odors. The ions then act like those soap suds in the Scrubbing Bubbles commercials, effectively scrubbing the air clean.

Additionally, an air scrubber can also kill dust mites. These tiny creatures are found in most homes and can cause many different types of allergies. The oxidizers released by an air scrubber can destroy these and other organisms on surfaces in your home, which is a great benefit for people with sensitive allergies. In addition, these oxidizers can also destroy other airborne contaminants that standard filters and purifiers don’t catch. They can include volatile organic compounds (VOCs), fungus, pet dander and other particles.

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