Fume Extra 5% Review


Fume Extra 5% Review

Fume extra 5% is an upscale disposable that provides more than 1500 puffs, a powerful 850mAh, and 6ml pre-filled pod system with a wide array of flavors to discover your new ADV. This sleek and simple device is a great solution for vapers on the go with no nooks or crannies to snag on pockets, hands, or clothing.

Experience Extra: Unveiling the Fume Extra with 5% More Flavor

This Fume disposable comes in 17 versatile flavors that can satisfy all your cravings for tasty vapor sessions. Enjoy the refreshing tangerine ice, a delightful blend of zesty tangerines and cooling menthol, Tropical Fruit – an exotic medley of fruity delights, Unicorn – a mysterious fusion of flavors that are as unique as a unicorn, Yogurt Ice Cream – the creamy richness that is perfect for every occasion.

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