Freehold Motels For Sale


Freehold Motels For Sale

Freehold motels for sale, which are allowed to be sold by the owners directly to the purchasers without the involvement of a middleman. Normally such properties are offered through the agent or broker, who charges a commission on the sale of a freehold property. However, there are many companies now who specialize in the sale of freehold properties and the market for such properties is increasing day-by-day due to the fact that the supply of freehold properties is decreasing and also because of the rising number of people who wish to invest in freehold properties.


About Freehold Motels

The main advantage of buying a freehold flat is that they come at comparatively lower prices than the market rates. Many property dealers offer great deals on such properties during times of boom and most often at discounted prices because of the low demand for such property. The major drawback of owning a freehold property is that the monthly rent you pay is usually quite high. This can make it difficult for people with normal salaries to buy such properties at affordable prices, especially when they need to finance such investments.

Investing in freehold motels can be an interesting venture if you have the right kind of people to do business with. It would not be wise to invest in freehold properties on the basis of referrals. You must first make sure whether the person from whom you are going to get the freehold flat is capable of handling such a big responsibility as buying and maintaining a freehold property. The person should have some amount of practical experience in the management of a freehold property so that he can manage it effectively without having to worry about the expenses. Most of the time you would be required to give him a considerable amount of down payment.

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