Eco Resort in Bali


Eco Resort in Bali

Eco Resort Bali offers the perfect getaway for anyone who loves to travel to the exotic island of Bali in Indonesia. With over 30 different eco friendly hotels, you can find one that will be just right for you and your green friends. If you are looking for a luxurious island getaway with all the modern conveniences of home then look no further than the top resort destinations in BaliEcoStay – Kuta, Seminyak and Jimbaran. All the luxury resorts offer some form of onsite, green accommodation as well as many other types of green amenities. Here are some of the more popular green resort destinations in Bali:

Experience The Beauty Of Bali With An Eco Resort

Kuta Eco Resorts. This is a small but truly remarkable eco resort situated amidst the green mountains and forests of Bali’s central plateau. The hotels are nestled in the natural paradise setting of Kuta and offer all the comforts of home including private pools and hot tubs. The friendly and knowledgeable staff at the Kuta Eco Resorts will make you feel right at home, making you feel comfortable and ready to explore all the wonders of Bali. They are committed to providing an environmentally aware and green resort experience to guests and are proud to say they are Bali’s Greenest Luxury Hotels.

Seminyak Resort. A few minutes away from Kuta is Seminyak, the greenest hotel in Bali. Situated amongst the palm trees and surrounded by scenic views of the sparkling blue waters of the ocean and green valleys, the Seminyak Resort is also perfect for couples looking for the perfect Bali holiday. It is only a short drive away from the golf courses and shopping districts and makes a great Bali vacation choice for couples.

Jimbaran Resort & Spa. One of Bali’s most eco-friendly hotels, Jimbaran Resort & Spa is a five star facility offering a wide range of activities and amenities for guests to choose from. Guests have access to a fitness centre, a spa and a wet bar. You can also have your meals at the reception’s restaurant and enjoy a complimentary daily breakfast and afternoon tea. The main aim of this Bali resort is to create a first class experience for guests while helping them to become more conscious of the impact they make on the environment. With continued investment in conservatories, rain forests and other conservation initiatives, guests can look forward to staying at Jimbaran Resort & Spa.

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