Drug Testing at the Work Place


Drug Testing at the Work Place

Drug testing is a growing trend among employers in the Charlotte NC area, as it has become more apparent that employees who take illegal drugs are more likely to use them on the job. Drug testing is usually done at the beginning of an employee’s employment and usually follows a recent arrest or conviction for drug possession or drug addiction. It is usually an individual who is suspected of using drugs on the job, but drug testing can also be done if there is suspicion that an employee may be addicted. An employer must make the decision whether to subject an employee to a drug test or whether the risk of a drug abuse through work outweigh the benefits of subjecting the person to such testing. https://www.quovius.com/drugtesting/

The Proven Compliance Rates at the Mobile Drug Testing Center

Most drug testing occurs at the beginning of an employee’s employment, so it is best to have a drug testing policy established before an employee is hired. A good way to get started is to require all new employees to complete a drug testing program when they are hired. This will help you keep a record of drug test results and allow you to make changes if problems arise. The information that is provided should be used in any disputes with an employee as evidence in a court of law should the need ever arise.

When you are going through a drug testing program in Charlotte NC, it is important for an employer to know exactly what to expect and how to interact with employees during and after the drug testing is conducted. You want to keep your work environment drug free and this can be easily achieved by requiring your employees to not use drugs where possible. You also need to make your employees aware that they are under surveillance and that their drug use should be reported even if they don’t break the law. A drug rehab facility in Charlotte NC will be able to assist you if needed and most have programs that include meetings and one on one counseling as well as after care and relapse management. You want to provide your employees with resources that will allow them to succeed in the fight against drug addiction.

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