Clairvoyance – What is Clairvoyance?


Clairvoyance – What is Clairvoyance?

If you’ve ever been drawn to books on spirituality, seen a psychic on TV or read a book that claims to teach you how to be clairvoyant, then chances are you have some level of voyance discount avis already. Clairvoyance is the ability to see energetic frequencies that are beyond the physical reality we experience. These can include the auric fields (electromagnetic energies that surround living beings) of people you encounter in everyday life and other people who have passed on, a clear vision of events in the future (precognition), or seeing a different perspective of something that is happening now.

Clairvoyance vs. Other Psychic Abilities: What Sets It Apart

Clairvoyant communication happens directly through the third eye or the mind’s eye and feels surreal. It is highly visual, which makes sense because clairvoyants tend to be very imaginative and love creating images in their heads. They are often able to create a detailed picture of their ideal life, which comes from the fact that clairvoyance is related to visualization.

Getting to know your clairvoyant abilities takes time, and a lot of practice. You will often receive messages in the form of pictures or symbols and you’ll learn to decipher these with time. It is also helpful to have an intuition buddy who can support you as you explore your clairvoyant abilities. Try writing a daily “intuition journal” where you record the images and messages that come to you, and don’t be afraid to randomly daydream about them throughout the day to help them become more clear.

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