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SEO Tips for Beginners Who Really Want To Learn

When it comes to generating targeted traffic, search engine optimization (SEO) is really a powerful method that you should use. SEO is the practice of changing your website elements and increasing the backlinks of your website. The purpose of doing these is to get your website listed on search engine result pages for your targeted keywords.


Most people want to get search engine traffic because search engine traffic are good for generating sales and revenue. So, if you are running an online business, you should highly consider using top SEO services in Lahore . This article will give you an explanation on SEO and how it works.

Search engine optimization basically breaks into two aspects: on-page optimization and off-page optimization.


On-page optimization

On-page optimization is optimizing your website to become search engine friendly. You need to change several elements of your website to make your site SEO friendly. First of all, it is your website ‘title tag’. The title tag is probably the most vital element in on-page optimization. So make sure you are adding your main keyword into your title tag.

The meta description must also properly optimize. You should add a description that tells exactly what your site is related to. Some of your secondary keywords may include in your description as well. Then it is the keyword density. Your content should contain some of your important keywords as well.


Off-page Optimization

Off-page optimization means increasing the backlinks of your website. Backlinks simply means other websites that have a link pointing to your site. Each site pointing to you will be counted as one vote by the search engines. So the more votes to your site, the more important your site is and the higher your website rank in the search engines. Thus, to get top rankings, you should get as many backlinks as possible. But make sure you use your anchor text or keyword for the links that pointing back to your site. Also not every backlink is equal. Links from high authority sites are more powerful than normal sites. So, try to get more links from authority sites.


So what can you do to gain backlinks for your site?

There are actually a lot of link building techniques you can use to build backlinks for your site.  Article marketing and social media marketing are two of the ways of getting free backlinks quickly. And guest posting is recommended as well. It can help you gain quality backlink and targeted traffic. Other methods like press release and web directory listing also good for getting links. Google has a webmaster guideline that tells you what you can do and can’t do when doing SEO.  So make sure you read the guideline and your SEO practice you always in accordance to Google’s webmaster guideline.


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