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Experience The Convenience Of A Bali Wellness Retreat

Situated in the heart of the island of Bali, near the village of Ubud, a serene and secluded Meditation Centre has emerged in recent years, allowing tourists to take a break from the busy holiday masses. The Istana Centre has become a popular destination for those who want to experience a Zen-like state of meditation in a natural, peaceful setting. Situated in a beautiful location that overlooks the sparkling blue ocean and mountain slopes beyond, the Istana features breathtaking scenery as well as an abundance of tropical fruits, vegetables and tea. Its relaxed atmosphere invites guests to enjoy the serenity while being assisted in deep breathing exercises, meditation and Yoga as part of its many benefits.

Take The Stress Out Of Experience The Convenience Of A Bali Wellness Retreat

“Istana”, which means “water within”, was established by Dr. Jamyuddin Alam and Prabhupada Yogi, with the purpose of providing a healthy, balanced and fit lifestyle for visitors from all over the world who come to Bali to enjoy its natural beauty. The Istana’s water within design allows guests to be totally immersed in the ocean water as they relax or partake in other therapies offered at the centre. The uniqueness of this centre lies in its focus on a holistic approach to wellness and Balinese traditional beliefs and practices, combining the combined science and wisdom of Eastern and Western medicine.

With retreats in Bali constantly in demand for both short and long term stays, the Istana has become one of the most popular holiday getaways in Bali for both local and international tourists. In addition to the Istana, many resorts also offer yoga classes, a spa and other health-related services to cater for their growing clientele. Resorts that feature the Istana and other Balinese relaxation techniques may also offer other amenities such as gourmet dining and wine gardens. The many health benefits offered by a Bali wellness retreat can help you find peace and relaxation amidst its exotic beauty and beautiful surroundings while you enhance your overall wellbeing.