Best USB Oscilloscopes


Best USB Oscilloscopes

An best usb oscilloscope is a very useful tool for any electronics enthusiast or hobbyist. You can use it to diagnose a problem with your circuit, or simply to get an idea of what is going on in your project. While standalone oscilloscopes are more expensive than USB-based ones, they offer much more functionality and can be a very worthwhile investment.

There is no shortage of USB-based oscilloscopes on the market, but few are as well rounded as this one from Perytech. It offers many automatic measuring functions including maximum value, minimum value, frequency and period. It also has a hardware trigger and supports a wide variety of common protocols such as I2 C, UART, 1-Wire, CAN Bus and LIN Bus. It can even be stacked with other USB oscilloscopes to create a multi-channel oscilloscope.

DSOX1102G: An In-Depth Review of this Oscilloscope Model

Another great option is this USB-based oscilloscope from Pico Technology. This model is particularly interesting because it includes a function generator as well as an oscilloscope. This makes it a complete and portable solution for all of your electronic testing needs. It also supports CAN and Flex Ray data bus standards.

The next device on our list is the Tablet Oscilloscope from Aiteme. This model is unique in that it does not require a separate PC to work and has its own built-in 7-inch TFT LCD color display. It features a 6000mAh high-performance lithium battery and can store up to 1000 screenshots or sets of waveform data.

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