Aquarelle Lip Tattoos


Aquarelle Lip Tattoos

Watercolor, or asuarelle is a wonderful transparent and luminous artistic medium. Unlike classic oil or acrylic paints, aquarelle is made of finely ground pigment suspended in a gum arabic (or similar) binder, which is then applied to paper or other absorbent surface. It is often used for landscape painting. It is very light, and the colors dry to a delicate, translucent, luminous effect. This beautiful effect can be a bit unpredictable: sometimes, the paint will be absorbed into the paper, leaving the color completely dry along its edges; in other cases, it may remain wet and leave light delicate “blooms” of colored pigment that have dried dark, creating soft, diffused color.

Aquarelle lips are a technique in lip blushing that’s inspired by aquarelle or watercolor paintings, from which the treatment gets its name: the result is a softly shaded, blended look, not a defined outline. This results in a more natural, your-lips-but-better effect that looks very flattering, especially on women with thinner lips. It can also help reduce the appearance of asymmetry and minimize the look of scars, and some particularly skilled techs can even create an illusion of extra volume reminiscent of subtle lip fillers.

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The results of an aquarelle lip tattoo last 2 to 5 years, depending on your skin type and lifestyle. Frequent sun exposure and activities such as swimming in the ocean or hot tubs can accelerate pigment fading, but with regular exfoliation, touch up appointments, and good maintenance your results will be long-lasting.

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